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Rebel Girls is a lifestyle media company on a mission to raise the next generation of confident girls, through vivid storytelling and compelling multimedia content, that encourages girls to explore, learn, and dream without limits. The brand spans across 85 countries via books, podcasts, social media and stationery products. Since the launch in 2016 Rebel Girls have sold 4MM books, received 2MM podcast downloads and has 600k social media followers.  The Rebel Girls community started thanks to the record breaking Kickstarter program for the first book, Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls. The book series is a two volume collection each comprised of 100 stories of inspirational women who have changed the world with easy to digest content and exciting creative style for branding and portraits. 
The women featured in the books are from every corner of the world; they are of different ages; they are past and present heroes; and their backgrounds and occupations span every industry and career path possible. This diversity allows every girl to see themselves reflected in the series. BAC is working with Rebel Girls to expand the reach of this empowerment message via license products targeting Girls 4-13 and Gift Givers. The product will feature the Rebel Girls brand unique creative style and select famous women on rotation. This is a unique opportunity to leverage a growing brand with authentic female empowerment messaging, social reach, educational themes and accessing some of the most inspirational women in history under one brand umbrella. So tell us… are you Rebel Girl?

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