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The beloved consumer brand is celebrating its 125th anniversary!
Its melty chocolate goodness is meant to warm up yourself and
others through varied occasions to create moments by
heartwarming the world!

HERSHEY’S has always warmed hearts. And now we’re making it
our mission, melting boundaries and dissolving distances, all to create
a better, sweeter world. 


Since 1907, this iconic shape is synonymous with sharing, baking and bringing joy to the world. A bite size of goodness! It’s magical, a simple, sweet connection and a show of affection, a sign of respect, a symbol of love.


The perfect combination of chocolate and peanut butter…need we say more! REESE’S draws you in, makes you drool and isn’t sorry about it!

We’re playfully provocative, contagiously confident and devilishly charming.


For more than 69 years, the JOLLY RANCHER brand has been known for its bold, long lasting and unmistakable fruit flavor.

The combination of bold fruit characters with a colorful, animated brand world creates a unique and ownable identity for Jolly Rancher


There is playful side to all of us! TWIZZLERS, the #1 licorice brand, delivers a light-flavored, easy eating twist that everyone loves to chew.

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